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Children and Architecture / Rabia Çiğdem Çavdar

“Children and Architecture” project consists of a series of activities organized by the Ankara Chapter of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey. The project, which aims to integrate architecture with society by meeting architecture culture with children culture, encourages new generations to conceive the value and importance of design and to develop a critical thinking system. In these terms, the project is important both for the children and for the architectural community. Rabia Çiğdem Çavdar outlines the scope and targets of the activities carried out within the framework of the “Children and Architecture” project, from May 2002 up until today. One of the biggest activities of the project was “1000 Architects in 1000 Schools”, which has reached 1.300 children in 28 schools during the 2003-2004 education year. The project as a whole aims to develop the citizenship consciousness and architecture culture.


Actual Debates on Architectural Education: Notes from Crete / Hania Meeting / Ayşen Ciravoğlu

Ayşen Ciravoğlu, who has attended the 7th meeting of Heads of Schools of Architecture in Europe that took place in Crete / Hania on 4-7 September 2004, writes about her impressions from the meeting. The European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE), which was founded in 1975 with the aim of developing the knowledge and quality in architectural education, organizes this meeting on an annual basis in order to provide assistance to the schools in their harmonization to the European Higher Education Area. The presentations and discussions that took place in the meeting include important notes also for the schools of architecture in Turkey, in relation with the EU harmonization process in terms of duration and quality of architectural education. The main theme of the meeting was “Shaping Architectural Curricula for the European Higher Education Area”. Ciravoğlu says that, the most significant impression from the meeting was the continuation of variety in architectural education in the European Union and the development of the education system in such a way to maintain this variety.


* Notes from the 50th Anniversary Celebrations…

* What Has Happened in Turkey and in the World in 1954? / edited by: Mücella Yapıcı

* A Coffee-Table Conversation with Aydın Boysan… / interview: Bülend Tuna, Mücella Yapıcı

* Can the 50th Anniversary Become a Self-Evaluation Process? / Yücel Gürsel

The Chamber of Architects of Turkey, which was founded in 1954, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. As the celebration program is underway, we wanted to think once more about our historical background in order to remember leading developments of the times. In a brief list of events, we are looking back to significant developments that took place in Turkey and in the world in 1954, the foundation year of the Chamber. In a conversation, Aydın Boysan, the first Secretary-General of the Chamber, shares with us his memories from the foundation years. Yücel Gürsel, the 38th Term President of the Chamber, tries to make a self-evaluation on the organizational development of the Chamber. According to Gürsel, the historical development of the Chamber should be evaluated both in terms of the rooted social and political changes in the country and the internal dynamics and initiatives of the Chamber.


Always on the Agenda: COMPETITIONS / Editors: Metin Aygün, N. Müge Cengizkan

* Project Competitions at the Historical Turn / Metin Aygün

* Architectural Project Competitions in Turkey 1930-2000: An Evaluation / Yasemin Sayar

* Discussion Forum / edited by: N.Müge Cengizkan

* Contributions to the Forum:

- Suggestions… / Haydar Karabey

- Competition 2.0: Second Version Architectural Project Competitions / Sait Ali Köknar

- Competitions - Our Architecture in a Coma / Bilal Yakut

Metin Aygün makes a brief introduction to the discussions in the file, saying that the Competitions Committee of the Chamber should implement a new system in the operation of competitions, from preparation process to final colloquium. Yasemin Sayar draws a general picture about the history of architectural project competitions in Turkey beginning from the early Republican years until today. Saying that the competition is not only a method of obtaining a project for the clients but also opportunity of self-evaluation / development / renewal of the architect, Sayar investigates competitions history in Turkey on three phases: 1933-1950 (The beginning of architectural competitions in Turkey), 1950-1980 (From “American modernism to technocrat modernism”) and 1980-2000’s (Economic and spatial growth in parallel with consumption, communication and globalization patterns). The forum in the file, which gathers different actors of competitions in a discussion platform, presents various criticisms and suggestions that can provide clues for future arrangements. Haydar Karabey and Sait Ali Köknar, who were invited to the forum but could not participate, wrote their observations and suggestions about the current competition system. Bilal Yakut, who writes about the Competition Regulations in force since 1 January 2003, says that the deficiencies in the regulations should be recovered as soon as possible.


UIA 2005 İstanbul Congress Valley National Design Competition

The results were announced for UIA 2005 Congress Valley Design Competition, which asked for the design of outdoor spatial arrangements that will provide interactive environment during congress activities. The winning project that was designed by Fatih Erduman will be implemented on the Congress Valley during the UIA 2005 Congress. The project foresees the placement of a number of tower-cranes over strategic indoor and outdoor places that will house the Congress activities, so as to create new axes, boundaries, focal points, mass-volume relations and surface variations in the valley. Beside the first prize, this section also includes the visual presentation and brief project descriptions of the other awarded projects, as well as the jury reports and the colloquium minutes.


The Hour of the Modern / Sibel Bozdoğan

“The Hour of the Modern”, a book of Ali Cengizkan published in 2002, enlightens the 20th-century architecture in Turkey through a series of original written and visual documents that were put into light after a long-breathed archive research by the author. Sibel Bozdoğan’s review on the book, which was first published in English in the Journal of Society of Architectural Historians (JSAH) in March 2004, is now published in Turkish. According to Bozdoğan, the book, with its methodological background based on extensive archive work, elevates the standards for academic research, and in theoretical terms it brings a new complexity to the investigation of modernity in Turkey by bringing unknown actors to the foreground. As Bozdoğan says, the book, which is only accessible to Turkish readers for the moment, deserves to reach international audience in the future.

English and Turkish translations by Tuğçe Selin Tağmat

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